Purpose -- act on one's own authority, take the responsibility, take it upon oneself, be self-willed, take the bit in one's teeth, take charge of one's destiny, BE OBSTINATE, know one's own mind, BE RESOLUTE, volunteer, offer, do of one's own accord, do without prompting, BE WILLING, originate, CAUSE, will, exercise the will, impose one's will, have one's will, have one's way, have it all one's own way, COMMAND, BE FREE, be so minded, have a mind to, see fit, think fit, think best, CHOOSE, purpose, decide, determine, resolve, INTEND, wish, DESIRE, have a mind of one's own, have a will of one's own, cultural independence, go one's own way, do or go as one chooses, exercise one's discretion, judge for oneself, JUDGE

* Umoja * Kujichagulia * Ujima * Ujamaa * Nia * Kuumba * Imani *