The Negative Confessions

The Book of Coming Forth by Day or The Book of the Dead

1 The Egyptian Book of the Dead 1240 BC The Papyrus of Ani  
2 Book of the Dead (Wikipedia)  

a usex per em Annu an ari-a asfet
Hail, Strider, coming forth from Annu, not have I done wrong
a hept seset per em xer-aba an auau-a
Hail, Embraced with flame, coming forth from Kher-aba not have I despoiled
a fentiu per em xemmenu an t'au-a
Hail, Fentiu (i.e. The Nose), coming forth from Khemmenu, not have I robbed
a am xaibit per em qernet an smam-a ret sep sen
Hail, Eater of shades, coming forth from Qernet, not have I slain men: twice.
a Nehaa-hra per em Re-stau an het tebh
Hail, Nehaa-hra coming forth from Re-stau, not have I defrauded the offerings
a rereti per em pet au xebt-a
Hail Double Lion-god, coming forth from heaven, not have I diminished [oblations]
a maa-f em xet per em Saut as t'a-a
Hail, Whose two eyes are of fire, coming forth from Saut, not have I despoiled
xet neter a nebat per em xetxet an t'et-a
the things of the god. Hail, Flame, coming forth in going back, not have I spoken
ker a set qesu per em Suten-henen an
lies. Hail, Breaker of bones, coming forth from Suten-henen, not
nehem-a ammet a utu neser per em
have I carried off food. Hail, Shooter forth of flame, coming forth from
Het-ka-Ptah an kena-a a Qereti per em amentet an
Memphis, not have I afflicted [any ]. Hail Qereti, coming forth from Amentet, not
nek-a en nek-a a hra-f ka-f per em tephet-f
have I committed fornication. Hail, whose face is behind him, coming forth from his cavern
an Oerem--a a Bastiper em setat an
not have I made to weep. Hail, Bast, coming forth from the secret place, not
am ab-a a ta ret per em axex an
have I eaten my heart. Hail, Blazing legs, coming forth from the darkness, not
teh-a a am snef per em nemmat an
have I transgressed. Hail Eater of blood, coming forth from the block, not
ari hennuit-a a am besek per em Mabet
have I acted decietfully. Hail Eater of intestines, coming forth from Mabet,
an auau-a henbet a neb maat per em Maati
not have I desolated plowed lands. Hail, Lord of Maat, coming forth from Maat,
au metmet-a a tennemiu per em Bast an
not have I been an eavesdropper. Hail Strider backwards, coming forth from Bast, not
sem re-a a Sertiu per em
have I set my mouth in motion [ against any man ]. Hail Sertiu coming forth from
annu an sexun-a[an]-as her xet a Tutu-f per em
Annu, not have I raged except with a cause. hail, Doubly wicked, coming forth from
Ati an nek-a hemt t'a a Uaamenti per
Ati, not have I defiled the wife of a man. Hail Double Serpent, coming forth
em xebt an nek-a hemt t'a a maa
from the torture chamber, not have I defiled the wife of a man. Hail, Looker at
antu-f per am Per-Amsu an tata-a a
what is brought to him, coming forth from Per-Amsu, not have I polluted myself. Hail,
Her uru per em amemt an ari-a heru a
Chief of the mighty, coming forth from Amemt, not have I caused terror. Hail,
Khemiu, coming forth from Kesiu, not have I committed offence. Hail,
Seset-xeru per em Urit an ta-a
Disposer of speech, coming forth from Urit, not have I inflamed myself with rage.
a Nexennu per em Uab an sexa-a hra-a her t'etet
Hail, Babe, coming forth from Uab, not have I made deaf myself to the words of
maat a Kennememti peer em Kennemmet an sent-a
right and truth. Hail Kennememti, coming forth from Kennemmet, not have I caused grief.
a An hetep-f per em Sau an per-a
Hail, Bringer of his offering, coming forth from Sais, not have I acted insolently.
a Sera-xeru per em Unaset, an xennu-a
Hail, Disposer of speech, coming forth from Unaset, not have I stirred up strife.
a Neb hrau per em Net'fet an asta-ab-a
Hail, Lord of faces, coming forth from Netchefet, not have I judged hastily.
Sexeriu per em Uten an semetmet-a
Hail, Sekheriu, coming forth from Uten, not have I been an eavesdropper.

a Neb abui per em Sauti an as xeru-a
Hail, Lord of the two horns, coming forth from Sais, not have I multiplied my words
her t'etet a Nefer-Tmu per em Het-Ptah-ka an auiti-a
upon words. Hail, Nefer-Tmu, coming forth from Memphis, not have I harmed,
an ari-a ban
not have I done evil.
a Tem sepu per em Tettu an ari-a senti
Hail Tmu [in his ] seasons, coming forth from Tattu, not have I made curses of
suten a ari em ab-f per em Tebu an rehen-a her
the king. Hail, Working in his heart, soming forth from Tebu, not have I fouled
mu a Ahi per em Nu an qa xeru-a
water. Hail Sistrum bearer, coming forth from Nu, not have I made haughty my voice.
a uat rexit per em Sau an
Hail, Provider of mankind, coming forth from Sais, not
senu-a neter a Neheb-ka per em tephet-f an ari a
have I cursed god. hail, Neheb-ka, coming forth from his cavern, not have I
saqit a Neheb-nefert per em tephet-f an
committed theft (?). Hail Neheb-nefert, coming forth from his cavern, not
het pautti neteru a Set'eses-tep per
have I defrauded the offerings of the gods. hail Arranger of [ his ] head, coming forth
em kera an nehem-a xenf er xu
from [ his ] shrine, not have i carried away offerings from the beautified ones.
a An a-f per em Maat an nehem-a xenf
Hail, Bringer of his arm, coming forth from {the double town of Maat,} not have I carried off the food.
nexen an seqasat-a neter nut-a. A Het' abehu
of the infant, not have I sinned against the god of the town. Hail, White teeth,
per em Ta-se an semam-a ah neteri
coming forth from Ta-she not have I slaughtered the cattle divine.